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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

what i believe

I wrote this as part of a discussion with my friend Zach a little while ago. I am posting it here because I like how it turned out, and hey, I’m not using this blog for much else recently anyway. (Also I don’t want this place to become all YouTubes.) I think asking if religion […]

recommended reading

Sorry, blog readers, for not posting as much lately. I am on the home stretch of my thesis, and blogging will have to slow down for awhile so that I might graduate. But if you’re interested in my posts on the politics of religion, here’s something else to read. Beliefnet has a “Blogalogue” (horrible word, […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part VI

Check out this nifty animated map tracing the spread of the world’s major religions over the past 5,000 years.

dictates of faith

At the Dallas Observer, the always provocative Bible Girl tells the story of Brother Andrew, a person who shows what it really means to put his religion above politics. Brother Andrew is an evangelical by the most basic definition: a man whose sole pursuit is converting people to follow Jesus Christ. He first became known […]

crossing the lines

I’ve spent a couple of posts criticizing one-sided or needlessly inflammatory portrayals of a Christian viewpoint, so I want to point out this post showing what a more nuanced perpective might look like. Gary Stern, religion reporter for the Westchester Journal News, has been blogging from the Religion Newswriters Association convention. He summarized a presentation […]

no Christian candidate

In an editorial in today’s Daily, innocuously titled ‘Democratic hopefuls offer conflicting rhetoric,’ Matthew Felty asks, “Why is a religion that stands up for its core beliefs ‘intolerant?’” Unfortunately, Matthew spends the rest of the article demonstrating the answer. He writes: A Christian voter cannot cast his or her vote for a candidate who supports […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part III

The faiths in this case being Louis Armstrong and shadow puppets…

interfaith dialogue of the day, part II

A mandala is a traditional art form of Tibetan Buddhist monks. They spend days or weeks sprinkling colored sand into a gorgeous geometric design. Then, to symbolize the impermanence of all things, the sand is all swept away and poured into a body of running water. In a variation on this theme, artist Phil Hansen […]

interfaith dialogue of the day

Via Killing the Buddha, a wonderful video of the Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham: Part I and Part II.

are Christians oppressed?

In my first post, I linked to a recent Daily column by Ray Martin that criticizes universities for discriminating against evangelical Christians. The relationship between Christians and the university is an important subject, and I’m glad Ray started this conversation. Unfortunately, his column begins on a dishonest premise. He mentions a student at Missouri State […]

tough on crime

I don’t know if it is an intrinsic moral wrong for a government to take life. I don’t know if justice requires that murderers be killed. Those debates are endless and largely fruitless. But I do know that the death penalty will never work, because of this: A Georgia man is scheduled to be executed […]

riddle me this

Take a look at this quote and try to guess where it comes from: Doing the Lord’s work is a thread that’s run through our politics since the very beginning. And it puts the lie to the notion that the separation of church and state in America — a principle we all must uphold and […]

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