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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

don’t windfall for it

Robert Rapier explains why the “windfall-profits” tax is a bad idea.  Taxing the gas companies is as much of a joke as eliminating the gas tax.  It’s just not the case that taxes play a significant role in gas prices one way or the other. Unfortunately, the Democrats, including Obama, are on the wrong side […]

Oklahoma Veterans and Jim Inhofe


book review: the natural

The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton This is a very insightful and well-written look at the Clinton presidency.  It falls flat in a few places, especially when he tries to talk about events in 2000-2001 under Bush (it was published in 2002).  But where he has the greater perspective of history, Klein does […]

if she can’t have it no one can

Andrew Sullivan: The speech tonight was a remarkable one for a candidate who has lost the nomination, though not remarkable for a Clinton. It was an assertion that she had won the nomination and a refusal to concede anything to her opponent. Classless, graceless, shameless, relentless. Pure Clinton. I’ve tried to give Clinton the benefit […]

dartboard analysis

Why polls, and any argument based on polls, are complete rubbish: American polling organisations tend to rely on relatively small samples (certainly judged by British standards) for their results, often somewhere between 500 and 700 likely voters, compared to the more usual 1000-2000-plus for British national polls. The recent New York Times poll that gave […]

lunch for votes

A scene from Indiana: Obama got a bit of a surprise at one table. While talking to a trio of men eating breakfast, one handed him the bill. “This will seal the thing,” he said. Obama accepted it, and later took it to the cashier and paid it. I’m not sure if this guy is […]

Johm McCain

Somebody get this man a spell checker.

quote of the day

By Eunomia: Perhaps if we think of the political spectrum as a series of rings surrounding a cavernous abyss (or perhaps a pit like the Sarlaac), then Lieberman and McCain can fairly be called “centrists.”

election songs

If you know of any that I missed, let me know in the comments. I will update this post as new ones appear. Fan-made only please. All videos after the jump.

great expectations

Anyone paying attention to politics in the last week has one lesson to take away — Stop paying so much attention! If you care about policy, about where the country is going, about government and representation and all that jazz, more power too you. But don’t caught up in the minutiae of a bizarre and […]

(bi)party time

Jack Shafer runs down the accomplishments of bipartisanship: Writing slavery into the Constitution was perhaps the greatest triumph of nonpartisan compromise in U.S. history. The denial of suffrage to non-property owners and women ranks up there, as do prohibition, the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, and the so-called war on […]

more on the moderates

The Norman Transcript relates two very different reactions to the Boren/Bloomberg event yesterday. From Democratic state Rep. Wallace Collins: “I didn’t hear any of them speaking about issues like ethanol, which I believe is a diversion. They were in power for almost a decade. Why did they let us get eight more years down the […]

stay classy, media

Ordinarily I avoid TV news like the plague, but primary madness got the better of me.  Thus, I just saw Tucker Carlson ask on MSNBC whether Hillary Clinton tearing up on the campaign trail, in the midst of a grueling campaign and a plummeting position in the polls after spending the last year as the […]

independents day

I’ve just returned from Boren and Bloomberg’s Old People With Microphones Hour. Here is what I learned: We need to be bipartisan, or maybe nonpartisan. In any case, all of the political candidates need to provide specifics. But also a grand strategy. And we should have a national unity government, like Churchill! (Shh… nobody mention […]

truth in politics

I agree with Meredith that the Quran incident in the Oklahoma legislature is revolting. However, I wouldn’t call it political pandering. Rep. Rex Duncan and his ilk seem to be genuine bigots.


From TPM Muckraker: This summer the House Judiciary Committee launched an effort to collect tips from would-be whistleblowers in the Justice Department. The U.S. attorney firings scandal had shown that much was amiss in the Department, and with the danger of retaliation very real, the committee had set up a form on the committee’s website […]

hating our freedom

On the day of the September 11 attacks, Egyptian national Abdallah Higazy was staying in a hotel across the street from the World Trade Center. He was evacuated along with the rest of the guests, leaving most of his belongings behind. When he returned a few days later to retrieve his stuff, he was met […]

sympathy for Larry Craig

Andrew Sullivan, who knows firsthand the difficulty of being a conservative homosexual in public life, pens a powerful statement on Larry Craig: He grew up in a different time, and a different place, where even the possibility of being gay was inconceivable. I don’t think he even thinks of himself as gay, or has any […]

crazy and dangerous

I hinted at this before, but here is a video really laying it out. If your analysis of the last 7 years is that George W. Bush hasn’t started enough wars in the Middle East, then Rudy’s your man. If, on the other hand, you believe that dividing our friends and uniting our enemies by […]

a common cause

One thing that the Christian Right and I can agree on: Stopping the ignorant and dangerous Rudy Giuliani from becoming President.

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