Gene Lewis Perry

If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

Oklahoma Veterans and Jim Inhofe


Cherokee Freedmen update

The Cherokee Freedmen issue hasn’t been much in the news lately, but it’s still going on. The Hill has an update: A dispute between the Cherokee Nation and members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) looks likely to continue despite a lobbying push that the tribe had hoped would resolve the issue. […] The Cherokees […]

el pote que derrite

This excellent USA Today article looks at the effect on the economy of Oklahoma’s strict new anti-immigration law. Namely, many employers are facing a crisis of figuring out how to replace Hispanic employees disappearing en masse to other states. The anti-immigration forces have always argued that these workers are taking American jobs and using up […]

aiding the terrorists

Another point worth making on the whole Quran mess is that this kind of behavior actually harms our ability to prevent terrorism. Since 9/11, Americans have been fortunate to not experience another terrorist attack within our borders. That has been in no small part due to the loyalty of American Muslims and their refusal to […]

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