Gene Lewis Perry

If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

if she can’t have it no one can

Andrew Sullivan: The speech tonight was a remarkable one for a candidate who has lost the nomination, though not remarkable for a Clinton. It was an assertion that she had won the nomination and a refusal to concede anything to her opponent. Classless, graceless, shameless, relentless. Pure Clinton. I’ve tried to give Clinton the benefit […]

lunch for votes

A scene from Indiana: Obama got a bit of a surprise at one table. While talking to a trio of men eating breakfast, one handed him the bill. “This will seal the thing,” he said. Obama accepted it, and later took it to the cashier and paid it. I’m not sure if this guy is […]

great expectations

Anyone paying attention to politics in the last week has one lesson to take away — Stop paying so much attention! If you care about policy, about where the country is going, about government and representation and all that jazz, more power too you. But don’t caught up in the minutiae of a bizarre and […]

thoughts on the Dems

By popular request (ok, it was only Tiara, but by the standards of this blog that is popular), here are my thoughts on the Democratic primary race. My early favorite was Edwards. I voted for him in the 2004 primaries, and he continues to take the lead with ambitious, detailed policy proposals that, if implemented, […]

riddle me this

Take a look at this quote and try to guess where it comes from: Doing the Lord’s work is a thread that’s run through our politics since the very beginning. And it puts the lie to the notion that the separation of church and state in America — a principle we all must uphold and […]

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