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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

hating our freedom

On the day of the September 11 attacks, Egyptian national Abdallah Higazy was staying in a hotel across the street from the World Trade Center. He was evacuated along with the rest of the guests, leaving most of his belongings behind. When he returned a few days later to retrieve his stuff, he was met […]

crazy and dangerous

I hinted at this before, but here is a video really laying it out. If your analysis of the last 7 years is that George W. Bush hasn’t started enough wars in the Middle East, then Rudy’s your man. If, on the other hand, you believe that dividing our friends and uniting our enemies by […]

this day in history

Dick Cheney on why America shouldn’t invade Iraq

Hannah Allam on the good doctors

Nothing to see here at the moment. Read this instead.


The human tragedy of Iraq continues every day. I see the headlines telling of bombs exploded, soldiers and civilians dead, but I only give them passing notice. I know that every story, while horrific for the loved ones of those killed, will be the same to me, so far removed from the events as I […]

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