Gene Lewis Perry

If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

great expectations

Anyone paying attention to politics in the last week has one lesson to take away — Stop paying so much attention! If you care about policy, about where the country is going, about government and representation and all that jazz, more power too you. But don’t caught up in the minutiae of a bizarre and […]

riddle me this

Take a look at this quote and try to guess where it comes from: Doing the Lord’s work is a thread that’s run through our politics since the very beginning. And it puts the lie to the notion that the separation of church and state in America — a principle we all must uphold and […]

in defense of fluff

I will not join the Paris Hilton naysayers already lamenting the media coverage of her travails. Sure, it’s mostly fluff, but the classic storyline of the spoiled debutante finally getting her comeuppance is too good to resist. Besides, there are real issues involved. Wealthy, white people, never mind celebrities, get preferential treatment from the justice […]

steal this post

Neat story in today’s NY Times about a copy-protection disabling number that is being spread all over the web to spite the lawyers. One caveat. Brad Stone writes: The broader distribution of the code may not pose a serious threat to the movie industry, because only sophisticated technologists can use it to tailor the decryption […]

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