Gene Lewis Perry

If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

unreasonable goals

As he is apt to do, Matthew Yglesias sums it up perfectly: And what’s been happening is that whatever Hamas’ ambitions may or may not have been, they were scattering short-range inaccurate rocket fire on Israel that was causing little damage. Israel struck back with actions that have killed hundreds of Palestinians and pushed over […]

from the Oklahoma Philippines

Via The Marmot’s Hole, this United States Map of the World gives a face to the astonishing extent of global inequality. With each state matched up with the country that has an equivalent GDP, it also puts a new perspective on familiar issues. For instance, immigration from Latin America, legal or otherwise, is not going […]

gold farming and the ‘smiley curve’

One point that has always puzzled me about the rise of China, and the flight of manufacturing jobs overseas in general, is this: what do Americans actually do anymore? Certainly the United States has suffered in certain areas because of outsourcing, but taken as a whole, it is still the largest economy in the world […]


The human tragedy of Iraq continues every day. I see the headlines telling of bombs exploded, soldiers and civilians dead, but I only give them passing notice. I know that every story, while horrific for the loved ones of those killed, will be the same to me, so far removed from the events as I […]

Factory? What factory?

Via Shakesville: Farmers in this poor rural area 400 miles northwest of Shanghai had complained to local government officials since 2004 that Mao’s factory was spewing noxious fumes that made their eyes tear up and the poplar trees nearby shed their leaves prematurely. Yet no one stopped Mao’s company from churning out bags of food […]

everyone likes cake

Ezra Klein on France: The French like not working incessantly. They are consciously sacrificing a bit of economic growth in order to devote more time to leisure. It’s a perfectly legitimate choice for a society to make. But it’s never represented that way in domestic punditry, as we exclusively evaluate policy decisions based on their […]

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