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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

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In the year since I last updated. Trickle-Down hasn’t worked. It’s time for Middle-Out economics. “How Money Walks” has no leg to stand on After talk of reining in tax breaks, Oklahoma added more Oklahoma has not implemented real criminal justice reform Whatever happened to… ? Oklahoma is still waiting for criminal justice reform No, […]

OK Policy posts again

It’s been basically forever since I updated this list, but it’s mostly for my own archives. Here are all my posts at the OK Policy Blog since the last update. Not including my daily news briefing In The Know, which you should subscribe to. Why total spending has gone up as budgets are cut The […]

More OK Policy posts, plus a poem page

It’s been a good while since I updated this site, but the blogging goes on at Below are my posts since the last update. I also added a poetry page page to archive some stuff I’ve written over the past decade. Find it under “Other Writing” in the sidebar or click here. Good times […]


In my fist There may be A trembling white mouse, Or, Perhaps not.

violin music

A small thought Blinking deliberately Finds its way among pillars and crevices And does not presume to be other than it is. But it flashes (O it flashes!). The air shivers.


I. Between us Air is rarefied And matter delineates Cleanly and brightly Its bodily bonds, As solid as we are amorphous, As I am blind, And you are invisible. II. Worlds flow by oblivious For we are streamlined And gathering speed. Relative to each other We do not move. III. You blow through me Like […]

white light

I am pale, made pale by the glow of the screen In a pool, moonlit pool with a ghostly sheen. I am night; tear away all the oranges and reds. Leave the white to awaken the strange from their beds. We are strange, for we sit in the moonlit pool Rearranged to be fit for […]

My posts for OK Policy, continued

Can we stop the runaway train of tax expenditures? Eliminating tax breaks: The dog that didn’t bark ‘Flip It To Fix It’ report offers an immediate, fair solution to state budget shortfalls Get a job: Why restricting employment for ex-felons is counter-productive Watchdogs, code monkeys, and budget hawks: The many species of Gov 2.0 Budget […]

For my many followers here (no one)

All my blogging these days happens at Here are my posts so far: Sally Kern could be on to something (but it’s not what she thinks) How the tax incentives war puts states in a terrible bargaining position Bill would raise taxes for 1 million low-income Oklahomans New OK Policy report lays out options […]

the SUV in the room

Steve Lackmeyer deleted my comment on this post.  Not sure why.  (For a minute I worried that I was becoming a troll, but then I realized that trolls never worry about being trolls, so therefore I’m not.) Anyway, I might as well post here “What OKC Central Doesn’t Want You To See.”  Lackmeyer complains about […]

Oklahoma creating new felonies and increasing sentences even as corrections budget is slashed

Oklahoma’s prison population has grown 10 percent in the last 10 years. Fifty-three percent of the inmates were convicted of nonviolent crimes. Budget cuts threaten to eliminate 15 percent of the prison work force, and inmates are already sleeping in dining halls and exercise rooms. What’s Republican Senate Leader Glenn Coffee’s response? “It’s not a […]

The problem with Facebook

Exhibit A: Facebook was letting friends spy on each others’ chats Facebook chat is now down as the social network races to close a security hole that let people see their friends’ live chats. The security bug was exploited, ironically enough, by fiddling one’s privacy settings, as this TechCrunch video demonstrates. Exhibit B: Facebook’s Gone […]

Interfaith Dialogue of the Day, part XVIII

hate mail from third graders

“It’s tough being called a heartless Pluto-hater, particularly by a dismayed eight-year-old.”

the perils of social networking

Watch what you say on Facebook! Your terrible puns will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Lawton man arrested for Facebook jokes According to the affidavit filed by Det. Ken Parsons, Chaston posted the following online threat: “thinking about shooting up an old folks home … could call it youthenasia ….lol someone […]


Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things Call me a whistleblower if you want, but the truth is the truth. President Obama spends most of his time looking at awesome things. Not to be confused with Obama feigning interest in mundane things.


SolarBeat Musical Solar System – based on real orbital frequencies Via Inky Circus.

every bit helps

My friend Isaiah McCaslin will be a great Representative for Oklahoma, but he needs your help to get there. If you’re sick of what’s going on with our current legislature, this is how you change it! Please donate whatever you can. Contribute now to Isaiah McCaslin (OK-HD-44) Join us! So far, 15 supporters have contributed […]

quote of the day

“”if one is trying to harvest a truffle wood discreetly without alerting the locals, it’s generally a mistake to show up walking a pig on a leash” Unearthing the Sex Secrets of the Périgord Black Truffle – The cynosure of every foodie’s dreams is about to yield its most intimate secrets to a team […]

Zombie Bitches Kickin Peoples Ass

Via Oklahoma Rock Newsblog.

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