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Posted on | November 2, 2007 | Comments Off on recommended reading

Sorry, blog readers, for not posting as much lately. I am on the home stretch of my thesis, and blogging will have to slow down for awhile so that I might graduate. But if you’re interested in my posts on the politics of religion, here’s something else to read. Beliefnet has a “Blogalogue” (horrible word, I know) about the current state of the evangelical movement in America. The contributors come from many different perspectives, politically and religiously, and so far the discussion has been fascinating. Check it out here.

If environmental issues are more up your alley, the Norman Sustainability Network’s Web site has recently been redesigned in a blog format. If you want to get involved locally in environmental issues, NSN always welcomes new members. We are working on getting a team of bloggers to post there, leading up to the statewide Oklahoma Sustainability Network conference in March.

Also on the environment beat is Dot Earth, a new blog at the New York Times by veteran environment reporter Andrew Revkin. He’s also put together a narrated slideshow that he describes as “outlining the learning curve that drove me to focus my career, and this blog, on the evolving human relationship with the home planet and with one another.”


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