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aiding the terrorists

Posted on | October 28, 2007 | Comments Off on aiding the terrorists

Another point worth making on the whole Quran mess is that this kind of behavior actually harms our ability to prevent terrorism. Since 9/11, Americans have been fortunate to not experience another terrorist attack within our borders. That has been in no small part due to the loyalty of American Muslims and their refusal to buy into the claims of religious extremists. Unlike Britain and Spain, which suffered attacks from home-grown terrorist cells, and France, which struggled with riots by a largely Muslim underclass in Paris suburbs, American Muslims have on the whole taken pride in both their religion and their country.

Just look at the justifications given by the chairwoman of the group distributing the Qurans:

Seirafi-Pour said yesterday that one reason the decision was made to distribute the Quran was to give lawmakers accurate information.

“I still hope to go to the offices and shake their hands and tell them about all the projects and programs we do,” she said.

She said some members of her council also are members of an FBI-sponsored outreach program to “build bridges” between law enforcement and the Muslim community.

“We are in constant communication with FBI agents and police departments in Edmond, Oklahoma City and Norman,” she said. “They have requested our assistance in different programs and we have been willing to go and share our culture with them.”

Hopefully most Americans will follow better angels than Rep. Duncan and recognize that both Christian charity and American freedom call for being respectful of diverse cultures. Hopefully the American Muslim community will not let the actions of a few ignorant politicians turn them against the United States. But if not, Rep. Duncan and those like him will have weakened our country and aided the terrorists.

Photo by Flickr user Al-Fassam used under a Creative Commons license.


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