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the disenrollment trend

Posted on | October 3, 2007 | 1 Comment

Another angle on the Cherokee Freedmen story is that it is part of a larger problem in Indian Country of disenrollment being used as a political tactic. An unfortunate side effect of rising wealth in the tribes is a new temptation for unscrupulous groups to reduce the number of people they have to share with.


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  1. Original Pechanga
    April 16th, 2008 @ 3:37 pm

    Once some people in the tribes get the taste of money, they just want more. Two families were ousted from the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians to make sure that the votes went the way that Chairman Macarro wanted them to go.

    One family was PROVED Pechanga by the tribe’s OWN HIRED EXPERT. Of course, they didn’t use his report, because it didn’t say what they wanted it to say.

    Learn more at :

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