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cat blogging

Posted on | September 12, 2007 | Comments Off on cat blogging

The New York Times reports on a study which finds that cats need to physically move around an obstacle, not just see it, to build long term memories that it is there. Which is interesting, but I’m really only mentioning it because of this:

They had cats step their forelegs over a three-inch barrier, then distracted the animal while the barrier was lowered. When the cat moved again, it raised its rear legs as if the barrier were still there.

“’That memory of that obstacle lasts for as long as that cat stands there,’” Mr. McVea said, though because of the difficulties of herding cats, the longest they were able to distract one was 10 minutes.”

So somewhere out there is a lowly lab assistant whose job is to distract cats. I am jealous of the person who can now put “cat distracter” on a resume.


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