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from the Oklahoma Philippines

Posted on | July 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

Via The Marmot’s Hole, this United States Map of the World gives a face to the astonishing extent of global inequality. With each state matched up with the country that has an equivalent GDP, it also puts a new perspective on familiar issues. For instance, immigration from Latin America, legal or otherwise, is not going away any time soon when Illinois has an economy the same size as all of Mexico. And think about the size of Russia’s decline since the collapse of the USSR. Its economy is the size of New Jersey’s. Iran, meanwhile, matched Alabama.

GDP is by no means the only measure of a country’s or a people’s well-being. France, for instance, would surely have a much larger economy (now equivalent to California), if they didn’t mandate so much vacation time for their workers. But the French are happy with the trade.

Nevertheless, the map is illuminating. Produced by the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto, they’ve also helpfully subtitled it, “Why the ‘bastards’ matter.”


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  1. laura gibbs
    July 12th, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

    hi Gene, I remember seeing this map – definitely much food for thought (I remember thinking, hmmm, I’m moving from the Philippines to Sweden!) – there was another interesting project that I read about called 100 people – have you seen that one? the idea is to take global statistics and then choose a representative set of 100 people based on those global statistics. the site is:

    their statistics page is here:

    one of the videos has a nice scene with a schoolteacher eliciting numbers from her students, their guesses about what the numbers would be.


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