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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

links for 2009-01-30

Feministe » A Story in Pictures Bottlenose dolphin shows off her butchering skills De monsters techPresident – Organizing for America Will, and Should, Fail

which side are you on boys

I’m just about ready for some class warfare.

Interfaith Dialogue of the Day, Part XII

I’ve been doing these for awhile, but I should probably explain the “interfaith dialogue” series a bit.  Basically they are short videos with an interesting combination of incongruous parts, sometimes humorous, sometimes not.  An excellent interfaith dialogue is something that combines two very different cultures or ideas so well that we learn more about both. […]


The NY Times goes behind the scenes of the football recruiting battle for a kid that finally chose OU.  The nut graf: Along the way, McFarland was wined and dined. He visited the house of the president of Oklahoma, where he was promised a spot in the prestigious President’s Leadership Class. He rode in a […]

unreasonable goals

As he is apt to do, Matthew Yglesias sums it up perfectly: And what’s been happening is that whatever Hamas’ ambitions may or may not have been, they were scattering short-range inaccurate rocket fire on Israel that was causing little damage. Israel struck back with actions that have killed hundreds of Palestinians and pushed over […]

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