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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

Cherokee Freedmen update

The Cherokee Freedmen issue hasn’t been much in the news lately, but it’s still going on. The Hill has an update: A dispute between the Cherokee Nation and members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) looks likely to continue despite a lobbying push that the tribe had hoped would resolve the issue. […] The Cherokees […]

someone finally gets it

On paper, iTunes is a great model for distribution of music, movies, and TV — unlimited downloads, from single tracks to full albums, at reasonable prices. But for all it has going for it, I’ve never been able to get past the terrible design of the application itself: bulky, slow, poor navigation, DRM bullshit, and […]

el pote que derrite

This excellent USA Today article looks at the effect on the economy of Oklahoma’s strict new anti-immigration law. Namely, many employers are facing a crisis of figuring out how to replace Hispanic employees disappearing en masse to other states. The anti-immigration forces have always argued that these workers are taking American jobs and using up […]

great expectations

Anyone paying attention to politics in the last week has one lesson to take away — Stop paying so much attention! If you care about policy, about where the country is going, about government and representation and all that jazz, more power too you. But don’t caught up in the minutiae of a bizarre and […]

(bi)party time

Jack Shafer runs down the accomplishments of bipartisanship: Writing slavery into the Constitution was perhaps the greatest triumph of nonpartisan compromise in U.S. history. The denial of suffrage to non-property owners and women ranks up there, as do prohibition, the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, and the so-called war on […]

more on the moderates

The Norman Transcript relates two very different reactions to the Boren/Bloomberg event yesterday. From Democratic state Rep. Wallace Collins: “I didn’t hear any of them speaking about issues like ethanol, which I believe is a diversion. They were in power for almost a decade. Why did they let us get eight more years down the […]

stay classy, media

Ordinarily I avoid TV news like the plague, but primary madness got the better of me.  Thus, I just saw Tucker Carlson ask on MSNBC whether Hillary Clinton tearing up on the campaign trail, in the midst of a grueling campaign and a plummeting position in the polls after spending the last year as the […]

independents day

I’ve just returned from Boren and Bloomberg’s Old People With Microphones Hour. Here is what I learned: We need to be bipartisan, or maybe nonpartisan. In any case, all of the political candidates need to provide specifics. But also a grand strategy. And we should have a national unity government, like Churchill! (Shh… nobody mention […]

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