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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

wrapping up

Finals are around the corner and we’ve all got other things to worry about, so it looks like the blogs will be shutting down after Thanksgiving. I may stick around here a little while longer, but soon I will return to my old home at (now with a brand new design!). As The Hub’s […]

it’s Paul Simon Sunday

re: affirmative action

I have to respectfully disagree with Tiara on affirmative action. Especially this bit: And how can a white man who has been provided every opportunity in the world honestly say, just because he has a higher GPA or test scores, that he is more deserving than a racial minority or woman who has been denied […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part VIII

Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya captures the first HD images of the Earth rising and setting over the moon’s horizon: Some famous words by Carl Sagan come to mind: Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being […]

health insurance is for the healthy

For me, the debate about government supplied universal health care begins and ends with this: health insurance companies may be very efficient businesses. The problem is, what they are efficient at is not providing health care to those who need it. Their business model depends on taking as much of our money as possible while […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part VII

In Bangkok, integrating mass transit with urban life is taken to a whole new level.

recommended reading

Sorry, blog readers, for not posting as much lately. I am on the home stretch of my thesis, and blogging will have to slow down for awhile so that I might graduate. But if you’re interested in my posts on the politics of religion, here’s something else to read. Beliefnet has a “Blogalogue” (horrible word, […]

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