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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

aiding the terrorists

Another point worth making on the whole Quran mess is that this kind of behavior actually harms our ability to prevent terrorism. Since 9/11, Americans have been fortunate to not experience another terrorist attack within our borders. That has been in no small part due to the loyalty of American Muslims and their refusal to […]

truth in politics

I agree with Meredith that the Quran incident in the Oklahoma legislature is revolting. However, I wouldn’t call it political pandering. Rep. Rex Duncan and his ilk seem to be genuine bigots.


From TPM Muckraker: This summer the House Judiciary Committee launched an effort to collect tips from would-be whistleblowers in the Justice Department. The U.S. attorney firings scandal had shown that much was amiss in the Department, and with the danger of retaliation very real, the committee had set up a form on the committee’s website […]

hating our freedom

On the day of the September 11 attacks, Egyptian national Abdallah Higazy was staying in a hotel across the street from the World Trade Center. He was evacuated along with the rest of the guests, leaving most of his belongings behind. When he returned a few days later to retrieve his stuff, he was met […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part VI

Check out this nifty animated map tracing the spread of the world’s major religions over the past 5,000 years.

biofuels… and beyond

Today’s Our View tries to push back on the biofuels hype, but for all the wrong reasons. Oklahoma’s annual biofuels conference has its share of over-optimistic claims by energy and agriculture companies just looking to make money. They play up the benefits and downplay drawbacks of whatever pet technology has the spotlight at that moment. […]

sympathy for Larry Craig

Andrew Sullivan, who knows firsthand the difficulty of being a conservative homosexual in public life, pens a powerful statement on Larry Craig: He grew up in a different time, and a different place, where even the possibility of being gay was inconceivable. I don’t think he even thinks of himself as gay, or has any […]

crazy and dangerous

I hinted at this before, but here is a video really laying it out. If your analysis of the last 7 years is that George W. Bush hasn’t started enough wars in the Middle East, then Rudy’s your man. If, on the other hand, you believe that dividing our friends and uniting our enemies by […]


There’s nothing I can write here today that would be a better use of your time than Tiara’s article. Go read it.

an undoing world

Photo by Flickr user .ash used under a Creative Commons license. Meredith has religion covered today, so I guess I have to do a post on foreign affairs. If we are betting on what will be the most significant long-term consequence of the Iraq War, my money is on the refugee crisis. I posted earlier […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part V

Actually a remix of the original ad, but I like this version even better. And if you can’t see how this is an interfaith dialogue, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

great moments in corporate PR

Because when you hear “strong environmental program and social giving,” you think of Wal-Mart… Right?

a common cause

One thing that the Christian Right and I can agree on: Stopping the ignorant and dangerous Rudy Giuliani from becoming President.

dictates of faith

At the Dallas Observer, the always provocative Bible Girl tells the story of Brother Andrew, a person who shows what it really means to put his religion above politics. Brother Andrew is an evangelical by the most basic definition: a man whose sole pursuit is converting people to follow Jesus Christ. He first became known […]

*spoilers* Top Chef blogging

If you haven’t seen the season finale of Top Chef yet and don’t want it spoiled, stop reading. … … … Okay, here goes. I have to say I love how it turned out. I even teared up a little bit at the end. Hung took a lot of flack from viewers and the other […]

Oklahoma going blue?

I promise not to dwell too much on poll results, and they are fairly meaningless this early in the campaign. But it’s interesting to note that a Survey USA poll has John Edwards beating Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney in Oklahoma (though Thompson is within the margin of error).

the disenrollment trend

Another angle on the Cherokee Freedmen story is that it is part of a larger problem in Indian Country of disenrollment being used as a political tactic. An unfortunate side effect of rising wealth in the tribes is a new temptation for unscrupulous groups to reduce the number of people they have to share with.

Cherokee Freedmen comments

Tazmin: Thank you for the comments. We will probably continue to disagree, but I appreciate hearing your perspective. I’ve put up a response at my new blog here.  I do agree that the media has not done the best job of covering the issue, so if there are better sources of information that you would […]

comments on Cherokee Freedmen

Tazmin comments on a post at my old blog about the Cherokee Freedmen: On the other hand, with so many wannabe groups out there claiming to be Native American with the intent to scam the unknowing public, verifying legitimate groups are essential. If someone is not Native American then they should not be a citizen […]

crossing the lines

I’ve spent a couple of posts criticizing one-sided or needlessly inflammatory portrayals of a Christian viewpoint, so I want to point out this post showing what a more nuanced perpective might look like. Gary Stern, religion reporter for the Westchester Journal News, has been blogging from the Religion Newswriters Association convention. He summarized a presentation […]

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