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interfaith dialogue of the day, part IV

Rammstein goes in a new direction…

no Christian candidate

In an editorial in today’s Daily, innocuously titled ‘Democratic hopefuls offer conflicting rhetoric,’ Matthew Felty asks, “Why is a religion that stands up for its core beliefs ‘intolerant?’” Unfortunately, Matthew spends the rest of the article demonstrating the answer. He writes: A Christian voter cannot cast his or her vote for a candidate who supports […]

everything good for you is bad

It’s amazing to me how the nutrition of our own bodies, the one thing we have the most direct experience with, remains wrapped in so much falsehood and confusion. Exhibit A — Fellow Hub blogger Tiara busts some common food myths: We’re supposed to eat two to three dairy products a day to build up […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part III

The faiths in this case being Louis Armstrong and shadow puppets…

Cherokee Freedmen posts

If you are here looking for info on the Cherokee Freedmen, you can find my latest posts at the new blog: Who is an Indian? Race, sovereignty, politics Don’t use that word

don’t use that word

I agree with almost everything in today’s Our View on the Cherokee Freedmen. I have to take issue with one line, though. The editorial approvingly cites Rep. Diane Watson’s comment that expulsion of the Cherokee Freedmen is akin to “ethnic cleansing.” That is a totally inappropriate use of the term, which typically refers to the […]

Is it too late to sell the whole place to Disney?

Because Florida apparently doesn’t get enough attention from Presidential candidates already, despite being a heavily contested swing state in the last two elections, the state legislature moved its primaries up to January 29. This created a problem for the Democratic National Committee. It has always been an inviolable principle that Iowa and New Hampshire host […]

race, sovereignty, politics

The AP picks up on some Cherokee Freedmen related ugliness in California: Diane Ross-Neal grew up hearing about her Cherokee heritage, so when the tribe promoted clubs for the thousands of members living in California, it seemed natural for her to share her own story. She soon realized that not everyone wanted to hear it. […]

where are the grown-ups?

Last night, Bill Clinton said on the Daily Show that one of the biggest problems in Washington DC today is that most Congressmen are perpetually sleep-deprived, due to the hectic fundraising and constant travel between DC and their home district required for a modern politician.I believe him. There has to be some way to explain […]

interfaith dialogue of the day, part II

A mandala is a traditional art form of Tibetan Buddhist monks. They spend days or weeks sprinkling colored sand into a gorgeous geometric design. Then, to symbolize the impermanence of all things, the sand is all swept away and poured into a body of running water. In a variation on this theme, artist Phil Hansen […]

who is an Indian, pt. 3

I have followed the Cherokee Freedmen story quite a bit at my old blog. If you’re unfamiliar with what is going on, here’s a quick primer: The Freedmen are descendants of slaves once held by Cherokees. The tribe originally sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War, so after the war the federal government required […]

interfaith dialogue of the day

Via Killing the Buddha, a wonderful video of the Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham: Part I and Part II.

no clean coal

Now that the cat blogging is out of my system, I can go back to the doom and gloom environmentalism that you all love (I’m assuming). The recent announcement that regulators nixed development of the Red Rock coal power plant is wonderful news. To understand why, see this ad (PDF) from Architecture 2030. Some excerpts: […]

cat blogging

The New York Times reports on a study which finds that cats need to physically move around an obstacle, not just see it, to build long term memories that it is there. Which is interesting, but I’m really only mentioning it because of this: They had cats step their forelegs over a three-inch barrier, then […]

don’t blame the oil companies

Rising gas prices, global warming, the War in Iraq … it’s a popular sport these days blaming oil companies for all our ills. While the energy industry is by no means squeaky clean (see: Enron), it is both unfair and fruitless to blame corporations for doing what they were designed to do: make money. Gas […]

are Christians oppressed?

In my first post, I linked to a recent Daily column by Ray Martin that criticizes universities for discriminating against evangelical Christians. The relationship between Christians and the university is an important subject, and I’m glad Ray started this conversation. Unfortunately, his column begins on a dishonest premise. He mentions a student at Missouri State […]

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