Gene Lewis Perry

If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

Periscope: Notes from a submarine

I have a confession to make. I am a blog junkie. For a news junkie, it was an obvious next step, because with blogs we can go beyond just reading the news. We can join the discussion that decides what the news means. And where a newspaper is constrained by journalistic objectivity, a blog can […]

moving day

For the rest of the year I will be blogging at The Periscope, my new home on the University of Oklahoma student Hub. I hope all of you who have enjoyed my posts here will follow me to the new site. I’ll return to this blog in 2008.

Vick and veal

This post by Megan McArdle makes a connection that very much deserves exploring. Michael Vick’s conviction of running a dog-fighting ring has inspired a remarkable amount of popular outrage, much of it deserved. But the outcry against dog-fighting exists alongside our unspoken acceptance of an industrial farming system that is, by the sheer number of […]

hello neglected blog

Joan Walsh has an excellent review in Salon of a new Matt Bai book about the Democratic Party. It’s worth reading whether or not you’re interested in the book. Walsh’s analysis of recent political history is spot on. Especially welcome is her refutation of the old “Democrats lose because they lack ideas” canard. Leaving aside […]

this day in history

Dick Cheney on why America shouldn’t invade Iraq

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