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If life were like fairy tales, I'd have been devoured by trolls already.

as i go ramblin’ round

D.C. pictures can be seen here. On a related note, Flickr continues to be awesome. On an unrelated note, Pandora also is awesome.

been around, seen a thousand places

Going to D.C. for a week.  Blogging will resume thereafter.

Cherokee Freedmen pt. 3

I said before that I was going to comment on my own reactions to the Cherokee Freedmen dispute, but I was having trouble finding a point of entry. I admit my first response on hearing about the vote was disappointment with the Cherokees. Despite the protests of Cherokees and the conclusions of the AIPMI report, […]

earth everywhere

The Planet Earth DVD box set arrived the other day. I had seen one of the episodes on the Discovery Channel and right away was awed. I usually am a fan of nature shows anyway, but this was on a whole other level. It’s not only the stunning images they have captured from all over […]

flashback from small times

Bear with me; I will be filling my nerd quotient for the week with this post. I devoured the Lone Wolf books as a kid. They were sort of a “choose your own adventure plus.” It was the same format, where you turned to different sections of the book based on whatever decision you made, […]

Cherokee Freedmen pt. 2

The recent controversy is only the latest in a dispute going back to the 19th century and described by the Tulsa Tribune in 1960 as a “judicial jungle.”1 Following the Civil War, in which the Cherokee Nation allied with the Confederacy, the Treaty of 1866 officially extended “all the rights of Native Cherokees” to the […]

Factory? What factory?

Via Shakesville: Farmers in this poor rural area 400 miles northwest of Shanghai had complained to local government officials since 2004 that Mao’s factory was spewing noxious fumes that made their eyes tear up and the poplar trees nearby shed their leaves prematurely. Yet no one stopped Mao’s company from churning out bags of food […]

Cherokee Freedmen pt. 1

This was originally a paper for a political science class, but it is an interesting topic so I thought I would repurpose it as a blog post. This is the first of three parts. The second will provide some legal and historical background, and the third will give my own views. On March 3, Cherokee […]

everyone likes cake

Ezra Klein on France: The French like not working incessantly. They are consciously sacrificing a bit of economic growth in order to devote more time to leisure. It’s a perfectly legitimate choice for a society to make. But it’s never represented that way in domestic punditry, as we exclusively evaluate policy decisions based on their […]

steal this post

Neat story in today’s NY Times about a copy-protection disabling number that is being spread all over the web to spite the lawyers. One caveat. Brad Stone writes: The broader distribution of the code may not pose a serious threat to the movie industry, because only sophisticated technologists can use it to tailor the decryption […]

First Post

Going to try my hand at this blogging thing that I’ve heard so much about.

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